Schumann Quartett


We are standing in a picture gallery of music. Little snippets of music from the great works for string quartets can be heard everywhere but some unusual sounds also refresh the ears, it is a paradise for every music lover. In 2019 the Schumann
Quartet concluded a special album trilogy. After studying their own roots in Landscapes, in Intermezzo they analysed the composer Robert Schumann, after whom their quartet is named, and now they conclude their journey with the album  chiaroscuro. Throughout Mozart’s arrangements of five select fugues from Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier Book II, they glance to the left and right in differing musical spaces. Two early pieces for string quartet by Shostakovich can be heard, the Company
String Quartet by Philip Glass, a short fugue by Mendelssohn as well as the six Bagatelles, op. 9, by Anton Webern.
Chiaroscuro – Italian for light and dark – is the title of the programme. The Schumann Quartet combines works that could hardly be more different. On the stage of the Festspielhaus in Erl they aim to show that despite the contrasts, dissimilarities and cross relations between Mozart, Webern or Glass, associative elements can become apparent, and many of the composers represented
appear to be brothers in spirit. 

Tue 12. Jul
19:00 h → Festspielhaus