Fliegende Volksbühne Frankfurt

Im weissen Rössl à trois

Singspiel in drei Akten von Hans Müller und Erik Charell

Gesangstexte von Robert Gilbert

Musik von Ralph Benatzky mit musikalischen Einlagen von Robert Stolz, Robert Gilbert, Bruno Granichstaedten und Hans Frankowski

This is a consistent austerity package as regards the expenditure on personnel! And yet audiences can look forward to a hilarious comedy that has all the ingredients essential for The White Horse Inn: heart-rending love stories, and shrill luck in love, Alpine kitsch with a twinkle in its eye and true sentimentality. The Offenbach Post reviewer wrote: “In the production by Sarah Groß, Quast and Fischmann blast away the crust of patriotic films and garnish the core with a comic frenzy that misses no opportunity to make jokes with a tasteful punchline. Right from the start the potpourri overture is a hair-raisingly funny  arrangement with cowbells and witty percussion. Distinctive facial expressions are of fundamental importance at every moment. Quast presents an entire menagerie of animals as a rural background; Fischmann can yodel magnificently and she plays the  cimbalom and melodica, and to top it all with a bit of spice there are grotesquely arranged dance numbers. It is wonderful fun.”

Fri 31. Jul
19:30 h → Festspielhaus