Nosferatu - eine Symphonie des Grauens

Jubiläums-Filmkonzert des Stummfilm-Klassikers von Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau (D 1922) mit neuer Musik für großes Ensemble


Olav Lervik
(Auftragswerk von ZDF / arte)

Ensemble der/gelbe/klang

Armando Merino
Musikalische Leitung

Eine Produktion von ZDF / arte und Tiroler Festspiele Erl in Zusammenarbeit mit 2eleven music film.

Anniversary film concert showing the silent film classic by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau (Germany 1922) with new music for large ensemble Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau’s Nosferatu is one of the most haunting films of cinema history. Pioneering in its time, it has lost nothing of its fascination. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the premiere in Berlin on 4 March 1922, ZDF/
arte commissioned the composer Olav Lervik (*1982 in Strasbourg) to compose a new film track which was recorded by the Munich Ensemble der/gelbe/klang at the Tyrol Festival Erl for the television premiere. The original music by Hans Erdmann
is lost but an adaptation from the year 1926 still exists, the ‘romantic, fantastic suite’. It is the matrix of the new music version by Olav Lervik, who with the experience of a media composer of our day, has adapted and analysed the suite for the film and given it a new interpretation. During this evening you can see the television version on a huge screen, accompanied live by the fifteen musicians of the ensemble der/gelbe/klang. Thus, a century after the world premiere of the film, an aura of the artistic milieu of the 1920s in Berlin will pervade the Festspielhaus, and of course the icy cold breath of the vampire.

Wed 13. Jul
19:00 h → Festspielhaus