Preisträgerkonzert der Bläserakademie

The Tyrol Festival Erl is strongly committed to encouraging young talent in a great variety of ways. Under the supervision of an internationally active and renowned team of orchestral musicians, the Tyrol Festival Erl, in cooperation with the Province of Tyrol, will organize the ‘Wind Instrument Academy’ in April 2022. The main focus is on orchestral wind instruments – trumpet, trombone, horn, flute and clarinet. This course comes to a close with an audition for all participants under difficult circumstancess can be experienced when applying for a position in an orchestra: first of all the young soloists present their skill
invisible for the jury behind a closed curtain so as to make the evaluation as objective as possible. Afterwards demanding pieces from orchestral and chamber music repertoire will be performed under the spotlight. In this prize-winners concert the winners of the Wind Instrument Academy can present their talent with piano accompaniment and in chamber music formations.
Audiences can look forward to an evening of high-quality musicmaking by musicians of the youngest generation.

Thu 21. Jul
19:00 h → Festspielhaus