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Powerful voices

The academy choir at Tyrolean Festspiele Erl

The academy choir at Tyrolean Festspiele Erl was founded in 2007 to provide a musical counterpart to the orchestra at the Tyrolean Festspiele. Every year the choir at Tyrolean Festspiele Erl is tailored to suit the requirements of the respective productions. The 32-person regular ensemble can be expanded as need dictates.

The ladies and gentlemen of the choir are part of the state-funded "Capella Minsk" and have already rehearsed their scores in their home city. They travel to Erl for their final rehearsals, where the choir come together with soloists and with the orchestra – it is here that the finishing touches are put to their work. In the future too directors will have the opportunity to work with this experienced choir which has such great depth.

Olga Yanum

Ambrazhevich, Vitali
Astankovich, Galina
Bettela, Giancarla
Burak, Ivan
Chystsiakova, Liudmila
Dashkevich, Artsiom
Dziatko, Darya
Hryharovich, Siarhei
Hulai, Maksim
Kamianetskaya, Alena​​​​​​​
Karpei, Olga​​​​​​​
Kazakevich, Stefan​​​​​​​
Kerus, Maryia
Khodzina, Volha
Kirienko, Alexander
Klimenko, Igor​​​​​​​
Kurovskaya, Iryna ​​​​​​​
Lazovskiy, Denis​​​​​​​
Liashkevich, Viktoryia
Malykh, Yuliya
Metelskij, Valentin​​​​​​​
Nalbandian, Loussine​​​​​​​
Nazarava, Viktoryia
Shapavalava, Katsiaryna
Shastak, Aleh
Sidorchyk, Anton​​​​​​​
Sinkevich, Anastasiya
Sopot, Pavel​​​​​​​
Tumash, Aliaksandr
Ugai, Yuko
Vishniakov, Denis​​​​​​​
Zapiokin, Vitali