The concept behind the Tyrolean Festspiele Erl

The Tyrolean Festspiele Erl has made a name for itself in the past twenty years and has received acclaim far beyond the country’s borders. Far removed from the big cities, an orchestra has come about in the midst of the most beautiful natural surroundings; one that is unrivaled. The Kaiser mountains become the backdrop for the big performance in the Festspielhaus and in the Passionsspielhaus. These unusual architectural black and white buildings create one unique ensemble that towers above the lush landscape.

Every year artists from all over the world come together in this unique atmosphere, venturing to create something special on the stage. All the artists share an overwhelming passion for classical music and opera. Erl provides fertile ground where art and culture thrive. The Passion Plays that take place every six years set the tone for culture in the region around Erl. Thus, the village between Kufstein and Rosenheim has become home to this unique music festival.

Tyrolean Festspiele Erl enhances the region culturally and economically. It has tasked itself with presenting high-quality music from various eras: catchy tunes, canonized works along with lesser known gems from classical music merge in Erl to create one unique musical experience.