Get involved / Play together

The Young Festspielhaus extends an invitation

Working with children and teenagers is a matter that is dear to our hearts. The team at Tyrolean Festspiele Erl came up with a variety of different initiatives in 2018 and consolidated them under the title "Young Festspielhaus". The intended objective was to open up the Festspielhaus and make it possible for the younger generation to take a look behind the scenes. They not only got to look and listen, but actively get involved.

A variety of offers – individually tailored to suit different interests and age groups – providing the next generation with an insight into the realm of opera and classical music. The programme makes various aspects and culture accessible to children and teenagers, in a way that is fun.


Opera buddies

Children aged between 6 and 10

With Opera Buddies, children of primary school age get to find out about the various different areas of work in the Festival business. They can spend a few hours with the "producer" of Tyrolean Festspiele, and also with  orchestra musicians, singers, technicians, tailors, dancers, directors and stage managers.

Project days

Teenagers aged 14 and over

At specific productions we offer project days for teenagers aged 14 and over. School groups get a guided tour of the work by an artistic director, visit a rehearsal, get a guided tour of the Festspielhaus and also have the opportunity to talk to artists taking part. Afterwards the teenagers get to enjoy a little snack break.

Academy orchestra at Tyrolean Festspiele Erl

For young people aged between 16 and 26

The academy orchestra helps gifted musicians between the ages of 16 and 26 to make the transition between studies and the professional music world.
The academy includes a one-week intensive workshop with musicians and conductors from TFE, culminating with an evening concert in the Festspielhaus. There is an application procedure to participate in the academy orchestra and it is free to successful applicants. The next academy orchestra is planned for 2020.

For more information please contact Sandra Stierle at

Individual and esemble lessons

For young people aged between 14 and 20

Up-and-coming talent have the opportunity to be part of individual and ensemble lessons at Tyrolean Festspiele Erl. Three principals in the  Festival orchestra, specialising in the horn, clarinet and violin, work with young musicians. Cost to take part is 25 Euros per 45 minutes.