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About the place and the area

The infrastructure around the Festival Playhouse

The Festspielhaus does not just stand alone, all by itself, as you might surmise when you see the meadows and woodlands in front and to the rear of this impressive building. Quite the contrary, the building benefits from an outstanding infrastructure in the surrounding area that helps simplify life for artists and guests in equal measure.

The Festspielhaus

The hall in the Festspielhaus is an instrument in itself. Free-standing walls made from Canadian acacia wood help make the architecture resonate. On the steep stands that provide consistently excellent views, there is space for an audience of 732. Upon opening the orchestra pit was the biggest of its kind in the whole world. The stage area is around 450 metres square. The new Tyrolean Festspielhaus Erl building was designed by architectural office Delugan Meissl Architects. The distinctive, black facade looks both bold and conservative next to the white Passion Playhouse. The Festspielhaus respects the aspirational shape of the neighbouring Passionsspielhaus and  provides a contrast-rich horizontal stimulus. The unique ensemble of the two buildings creates a wonderful dialogue with nature between the two buildings.

The Passionsspielhaus

The Passionsspielhaus has become an emblem for the town of Erl. Its aspiring form and radiant white hue mean it is visible from quite a distance. The impressive building was built in 1959 according to plans by Robert Schuler. Originally the building was exclusively devised for the Passion Plays which took place in the summer every six years. To date the building is not heated, which means that performances can only be held in the summer. In the Passion Playhouse there is space for 1500 visitors, on the slightly sloping pews. The atmosphere in this spacious room is exceptional . So too are the acoustics. The Passionsspielhaus was designed at a time when artists performed with any amplification. Thanks to the exceptional architecture the sound  was concentrated above the heads of the audience and reached every single seat.

Parking Facility

At the same time as the Festspielhaus was constructed, a parking facility was built very close to both houses. The contemporary building was designed by MHM architects in Vienna. There are a total of 450 parking spaces on three storeys. On performance days there is a shuttle service connecting the parking facility and the Festival Playhouse. The parking facility is just a ten minute walk away; ten minutes where you are walking by meadows and woodlands. Ten minutes in anticipation of cultural pleasure. Ten minutes where you get reflect upon what you have heard.

Mühlgraben 65
6343 Erl

The Premierenhaus

From the Premierenhaus you get the best views to the two houses that tower above this fantastic mountain panorama. Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows a great deal of light floods into the spacious rooms in a total of seven suites. The building is predominantly made from local wood and therefore is in keeping with the concepts of sustainability. The Premierenhaus offers you the utmost in comfort for your cultural holiday in Erl.

Mühlgraben 65
6343 Erl
T +43 (0)5373 /81 000 20

Artist accomodation

Our artists can avail of the artist accommodation built in 2018. They get to stay just a few minutes from the Festspielhaus. For rehearsals and performances our artists move their lives to Erl. This gives the village, that until now has been better known for its cows as opposed to its double basses, an international flair. The Festspielhaus realm extends to these pastures, far beyond the walls of this building.

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