Choir Concert for Families

Begin: 7:00 pm
End: 8:15 pm
No break!


Capella Minsk

Choral conducting Olga Yanum


Erl Federal Music Band

Musical conducting Anton Pfisterer jun.



€ 45,- adults

€ 15,- minors under 18 

Free access for children under 10

In a concert for families, our Festival will present folk music from different corners of Europe this summer: the Belarusian choir collective Capella Minsk will sing melodies from East Slavic countries, the children's choir of the Munich School of Choral Art will enchant us with international songs for young and old, and the Bundesmusikkapelle Erl will present Alpine tunes in a Tyrolean style. Together these three very different groups will perform on the big stage of the Festspielhaus and entertain the young and young-at-heart audience for a good hour.


The desire for a peaceful and joyful life unites us. In sorrow and joy, in the longing for love, in the most difficult and joyful moments of life, there are always wonderful songs, and every people reflects in them their attitude to the world! The concert will be accompanied by video projections and Belarusian dances. The program will include the Belarusian folk song "The Larks", the German children's song "Mein Hut, der hat drei Ecken" as well as marches and "Tanzmusi" played by the BMK from Erl! But also jointly performed works such as the hymn "Panis angelicus" and "Mein Heimatort" will give us a brief pause and listen on July 20.

Thu 20. Jul
19:00 h → Festspielhaus